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Like most horror fans, particularly those with a soft spot for ghosts, I absolutely loved the 2012 version of The Woman in Black. It was dark and tense, beautiful to look at and genuinely scary with an extraordinary cast and tight script; a perfect example of a ghost story done right. The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death seemed a worthy follow up. A story about a group of children forced to live in the dreaded Eel Marsh House where the dark, child killing specter resides; the possibilities were intriguing. So naturally when this movie was announced I did my fan girl happy dance, even if I am often wary of sequels.


Who can blame me, sequels, as a general rule, are hit or miss. It’s no surprise usually when a sequel fails to illicit the same enthusiasm as the original, and even less a surprise when a sequel fails outright at duplicating the same atmosphere or inspiring the same feelings as its predecessor.


As such, The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death, does not really fail as a sequel, at least not technically. The dark, tense atmosphere that permeated the Daniel Radcliffe vehicle is ever present, and the performances by both adult and child actors are spot on.

So what the fuck’s the problem?

WIB2_Well, to put it plainly, this movie isn’t fucking scary, which in the world of horror, is kinda unforgivable. Also, the characters of Harry (Jeremy Irvine) and Eve (Phoebe Fox), spend the better part of the film finding out stuff we (the audience) already know about the titular woman in black. If I wanted to find out who/what the WiB is, I’d watch the first fucking movie over again, sequels are meant to continue and expand the first film’s universe, not reiterate it.

So that sucked.


And, as is the case with many a film nowadays, the good parts were in the trailer, so The Woman in Black 2 was short on surprises and was actually kinda boring…no, it was pretty damn boring…bah.

Horror Chick Whine: Why is it every time I look forward to a movie it sucks ass? Bullshit that’s what that is!

WOMAN IN BLACK 2Anyway, the movie isn’t awful, and I’m sure moviegoers looking for light scares with a bit of a (cheesy) love story thrown in will enjoy it. For my taste it was not nearly good enough and too predictable by half to be enjoyed at all. Unfortunately the ending (so so predictable) paved the way for part three, so there is a distinct possibility that we not have seen the last of this baby killing bitch…sigh.


So there goes that…I’m totally bummed at this disappointing flick. Good thing it’s only January so there’s lots to look forward to, and although The Woman in Black 2 is not really worth the price of admission, it’s probably not the worst thing we’ll see this year I’m sure…umm yay?!?